A bit about me


A print and digital journalist with over 10-years’ experience across national titles.

Am SEO savvy and GA competent and have worked across multiple brands, platforms and audiences. I have experience in social growth and creating native video and advertising for both website use and Facebook.

I have also been key in building and maintaining a strong digital presence within my last two roles.

After a decade in the industry I have extensive knowledge within several fields in both print and digital media – including interiors, entertainment, fashion, food, and beauty as well as experience working on redesigns and launches. As well as ensuring all content is able to exist on both a digital and print platform.

I have a strong commercial background, plus project management skills. Am comfortable copywriting for a brand and meeting contractual obligations as well as writing or editing, and have an address book crammed full of PR contacts.

And, not only do I have a sense of humour (often needed) I’m also a believer that sharing a cuppa is the backbone to any team – you can’t spell team without tea, right?